About Us

Sowparnika Enterprises Pvt Ltd., (SEPL) is engaged in the procurement, processing and export of variety of agriculture, horticulture and allied products from Karnataka. The company is located in the close vicinity of Bangalore International Airport and is in the midst of abundant raw material (agriculture and horticulture produce) source areas. The company is registered with APEDA as “MERCHANT EXPORTER” and has its own facilities for the grading and sorting of fresh produce, storage, packing as per the requirement of the international buyers.

The company is headed by R. Sowparnika, M.Sc MBA, M.Phil who has good hands on experience about the quality parameters of each of the products and also the good knowledge of procurement and processing.
R. Sowparnika has very good contact with the farming community be it individual farmers, group of farmers, Farmer Producer Organisations for the requirement of variety of agriculture and horticulture produce. The company can also look into the contract farming system in case the international buyers require specialized products on regular and continued basis for a long period of time. The area in which the company is located is blessed with excellent soil and climatic conditions which make the company to offer wide range of agriculture and horticulture commodities to the discerning buyers all over the world.

The company has very good contacts with the farmers growing GI tagged products and other specialized commodities especially fruits and vegetables. The company is registered with APEDA for the export of Floriculture & Seeds, Fruits and Vegetables, Processed fruits and Vegetables, Animal Products, Other Processed Foods, Cereals and Pulses, Aromatic Oils, Medicinal Plants, Organic Products and Millets.

Our merchandise has been well appreciated and accepted by many renowned names connected with the export and import world over. Backed by the years of experience, we understand the requirements of the customers and are well equipped to meet them.

Karnataka is in the forefront in the field of organics and millets. The State has so far organized one National and Two International Trade Fairs for Organics and Millets in Bangalore. The events earned a very good mileage and popularity in creating the awareness and health benefits of organics and millet products. In order to give fillip to the growing demand for these products, the Government of Karnataka has established 15 Organic Farmer Federations throughout the length and breadth of the State. These federations are growing almost all agriculture and horticulture commodities including Millets. Millets are becoming more popular health food in the recent years due to their health benefits in view of their inherent characteristics. These are called as Next Generation Smart Foods.

SEPL with its good contact with the farming community is well placed to source any type of agriculture and horticulture produce directly from the farmers thereby in a position to offer the most competitive price to the international buyers.